Examination results

  • The minimum passing grade for the AU2 exam is 65%.
  • The PA1 and PA2 exams are graded on a Distinction, Pass or Fail basis.

If you fail, you are allowed a maximum of four attempts for each exam.

You will receive you exam results by mail approximately two months after the exam date.

Reviews and critical analyses of exam results

(Only available in case of failure to an exam)

During reviews of exam results, a second examiner checks the exam booklet to ensure that it was graded fairly and accurately. Such reviews result in either a confirmation or an adjustment of the original grade, as applicable, and are accompanied by a report indicating the grade obtained on each question and sub-question. For the Issues in Professional Practice (PA1) and Strategic Financial Management (PA2) professional exams, such reviews ensure that the marking process was carried out properly.

Critical analyses of exam results involve providing a list of the marks assigned, together with general and specific comments on each candidate answer. Critical analyses are designed to help students prepare for retests.

Please note that critical analyses are not available for the PA1 and PA2 professional exams, for which a competency report is sent to unsuccessful candidates.

All applications for reviews or critical analyses of exam result must be done by completing the Request for review of the exam correction and critical analysis form. This form is attached to the transcript mailed to candidates that have failed an examination.

The Request for review of the exam correction and critical analysis form, duly completed and accompanied by the appropriate payment, must be sent before the deadline indicated on the form.


  • The Order completes the review or critical analysis within 75 days of the date when the application is received and notifies the applicant in writing of the result.
  • The grade given in the revision is final.

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