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Become a CPA, CGA: a calling that opens new horizons

CPA, CGA path transition

Currently registered in the CPA, CGA path? Consult the transition measures applicable to your path.

A profession that stands out

With 35,000 members and 6,500 candidates, the Ordre des CPA is the third largest professional order in Quebec. On the strength of its strategic position, the Ordre develops and delivers an impressive range of resources aimed at fostering the professional development of its members, candidates and registered students.

The CPA, CGA designation is recognized across Canada. Moreover, recognition agreements with professional organizations in Europe and Asia provide international scope.

A profession in the centre of the action

Nearly 50% of CPA, CGAs find themselves at the centre of the action in the business community. About one third are employed in the public and parapublic sectors, while 20% are in private practice serving a varied clientele. And you, where do you see yourself?

One profession, many possibilities

CGAs are cutting-edge professionals. More than one third devote their energies to accounting and finance. One third hold management-level positions, while one quarter are consultants in private practice. Taxation is also a passion for a large number of CPA, CGAs. Since December 2009, CPA, CGAs can also become CPA, CGA Auditor and audit every types of business in Québec.

Indeed, CPA, CGAs are active in a wide variety of professional positions. So prepare yourself for a wealth of opportunities! In short, you have choices!

To know more about the CPA profession and the path leading to the CPA designation, consult our brochures.

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